1. C.V. M.L.A. Goossens

2. Vattenfall Uppsala, Sweden,  Biomass fired CHP

3. Nuon / Vattenfall Magnum

4. Nuon / Vattenfall BDEP for underground Gas Storage


We will target market segments with the prime focus on project management primarily being chemical and petrochemical industry, refining industry, power  generation and waste incineration ndustry.


The following services are being provided.


Project Management

Interim Management

Training courses on project management and contract management

Management Support on Project and Contract Management

Project Management

For your project regardless of it being in the conceptual, basic engineering, FEED phase or detailed engineering phase. Regardless of its size and contract form.


Interim Management

If you have a problem with the project or engineering management of your project and you need an instantaneous solution.


Training Courses Many training courses on this subject are worldwide available. There is a large pool of information in the public domain. The problem though however is the practical application in the day to day work of the project and contracts manager. Most of this type of information is gathered between the ears of senior project managers and is difficult to transfer. Once these people retire, the know-how has to be cultivated again with the younger generation who must learn from their mistakes. But why making mistakes first? Why not learn from another persons experience. This is where Via Solutions B.V. comes into the picture. With special training modules it is possible to built-up the expertise in a short time to an acceptable level once being introduced into the “wonder world” of project and contracts management. The focus in these courses is the high amount of practical information supported with case studies and many field experience examples. Courses can be made available as an intern company seminar.


Management Support on Project Management

Companies can make use of expert advice offered by Via Solutions B.V. This can vary from guidance on general project and contacts management issues as well as claim management.